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Password mysql and phpmyadmin.

Pança Boff

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I am asking your help because these two errors are killing me.






1º - When I try to change the password of mysql in adm panel


I get the following error:















2 - When I try to connect to phpMyAdmin I get the following error:

















If anyone knows the solution please tell me.

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This symptom can be caused by several things.

One cause (and the one I suspect to be most likely) is that you have an alternative MySQL config file somewhere else (like c:\windows) and it is being used instead of the one in The Uniform Server.


You may also see a similar error on Windows 7 when running older versions of The Uniform Server. This is due to the change to prefer IPv6 for localhost. You can see this by using a command prompt and doing a ping localhost. Instead of, you'll get ::1 as the resulting address. In general, MySQL doesn't like this; it's expecting an IPv4 address. Since the message is coming from MySQL, we can assume that the .htaccess isn't blocking you.




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aoristos - who would have thought! ... that was exactly it! :) I am trying out Steel RC2 and got the error while starting phpMyAdmin. I did as you say and I was in :)




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