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disable ISS in vista


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i used search and couldn't find anything about this problem

i have a friend of mine who is wanting to use uniserver to host a small website i have used 4.3 mona for ages but i'm on xp so it wasn't a problem with me but his is becoming a pain in my side i'm also using the new version of uniserver 5.7.4-Nano i tried to install mona as well still have this same issue


now keep in mind it is vista and i hate vista i start the server and it says i cant start apache because "IIS is running skype may also cause this issue"

ok no problem i go into his features to disable the IIS but to my surprise IIS is already disabled and wont start up when windows start.. i tried to dump cookies , cache and other stuff but still getting that same error

is there another program that will be interfering with this and is there a way to run the uniserver without having to change the ports cause he don't want to have to give people a URL that looks like this http://his_site.com:8080 he just wants to be normal http://his_site.com

i hope i am making since on this or perhaps i'm over looking something

any help would be great

thank you


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You said IIS is currently off so it isn't IIS the service running on port 80.


Open a command prompt window and type: netstat -anbp tcp (press enter) {edited}

You should have an idea of who's running on that port.


By the way, it could easily be skype running in port 80 (I hate skype :) )

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