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Warning: Document Root does not exist


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I'm sure this is a problem of my own making, the thing is I don't know what I did or exactly when I did it.

Help in solving this is greatly appreciated.


I'm getting this from the Uniserver log file:

Warning: Document Root does not exist


I ran Joomla 1.5 diagnostic.php and it is saying this:

WARNING Z:/www/Joomla/configuration.php File is corrupted or has been altered

WARNING Z:/www/Joomla/htaccess.txt File is corrupted or has been altered

WARNING Z:/www/Joomla/index.php File is corrupted or has been altered

WARNING Z:/www/Joomla/administrator/components/com_admin/admin.admin.html.php

File is corrupted or has been altered


I cut it short as all lines say the same thing.

I don't know how to zero in on the problem and even less on how to solve it.


Here's a bit more info:

It started out when I was locked out of the back-end of Joomla (wrong id/pw) how that happened I'm unsure but it seems to happen a lot with Joomla installations judging by the threads in other forums.


At this point the front-end was displaying.

I entered phpmy admin (which is still OK judging by the looks of it) to try and change passwords and / or create a new user...I created the user with full admin rights but still got the bad id/pw message from the back end.


I tried modifying the config.php file and then things went from bad to worse.


Now all I'm getting is blank screens


Mona 4.3 seems to be OK, I cans till access phpmy admin.


I'm hoping this is not too serious, I was going to do a backup when this happened.



Thanks for reading

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