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Uniform running from comp startup?


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I'm a little stumped with this, so I figured that I would ask my question here to see if anyone could tell me how to do this... I've also accidentally placed this in the apache part of the forum too, then realized that this question should be here.


My question is: After installing the Uniform Server, how do you set it up so that it runs from the start up of the computer.


I've tried putting the start.bat files for Apache & MySQL in the startup folder of my machine, but have had no luck there. I've also played around with installing Uniform Server using the services route and I'm not having much luck that route either.


The reason I'm asking is because I'm not in the same physical location as my server, and in case of reboots/power surges, etc I need to know that when windows reboots that the whole webserver will be back up and running.


Any ideas would be much appreciated.




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We have a services plugin. Its in the docs/services folder. Just run Run.bat, make sure to read the READ ME please. After running Run.bat it will create a folder in the C:/ directory which will be the new installation. It is there that you will now be using. The www folder in the C:/ location.


Putting a shortcut to the Start.bat file in the Startup Folder also works. In fact i prefer that to the other which can sometimes cause problems with those who have little experience with servers/services/apache :blink:


Just create a shortcut to the Start.bat file and put it in the Startup Folder and it should work fine.


Good Luck :(

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Yap :)


The VBScript was removed in 3.2, which started MySQL with Apache; but a new version will be coming with 3.3 which will allow you to start MySQL with Apache after asking you...

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