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In IT this term we are creating web sites.

I was wondering if it's possible to edit the web server in some way so that the kids can access a program (which 1 have 1/2 writen) off a network drive that allows then to select the dir where there site is in. Then the web server just handels the servering part.

But coz they only have read access to this network drive theres a problem with writing to w:\www drive (cos its really the read only network drive).

Is there any setting that could be changed to allow the w:\www to be a folder on the local workstation (ie c:\www).


Hope this makes sence.




Andrew Bob

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If you are very good and familiar with Apache i'm sure its possible. From my side, its a long thing and i am sorry, but it will cause headaches :(


The new subproject coming in about 6 months will allow something similar to this. It will allow you to chose the location of the www folder, tmp folder and so on. No release date set yet.


Good Luck

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Tip: Look in Apache's config file, W:\usr\local\apache2\conf\httpd.conf

Look for the DocumentRoot directive in this file - that's what's needed for running the sites themselves off another drive.


This could cause some problems with the other directives and thus with special pages like Status and Admin panel, but try anyway. :(

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