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Apache crashing


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I used Wamp for many years, and decided to move to Unifromserver. Mosty because there is not developement of WAMP any more.


But, with Uniformserver i have a problem that i never had with WAMP.


Apache is shutting down all the time. And it doesn´t matter if it is started as program or service.


I have noticed that there is some 70-80% chance Apache will shutdown if i click at some Joomla "difficult" link, in front or admin panel.

(it means "difficult" regarding that it is some old Joomla installation, and some extensions are not tweaked for PHP5.3.)


I do understand that some Joomla installations need fixing for PHP 5.3, But it should not be so easy to shutdown Apache, doesn´t matter if it is developement od production server.


For the record, i know in forward how to crash Apache. Enough just to click at few links that respond slowly.


Sorry, it is Windows 7 64bit, and Carbo 6.0.4.

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