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Cant get appache to install as service


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Tried disabling virus software-no difference.

have installed skype but it isnt runing(does this matter).


I'm a bit confused as to install as it tells me i dont need to.


I have some error in cmd window which is about appache but it closes too quick to see the problem, but then redirects to admin screen however none of the links work 404 errors.


logs directory does exist in appache. trying to run the appache.exe doesnt seem to do anything..


I want to use this system as its light weight. I heard there was a .exe install. cant find it f it exists. Where is your homepage guys???


please can we get a sticky post on proper instal technique.


I'm doing the following-


from doc/services folder im running (via windows run) the run.bat and then it seems to do all but the appache.


i did have an old version how can i remove any old components???


this is the problem i feel.


thanks for posting replies




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umm? the forum is http://forum.uniformserver.com so i guess the homepage will be http://www.uniformserver.com :D


All you need to do is run the Start.bat in the folder. The .exe package is on SF: http://www.sf.net/projects/miniserver It is a SFX so that means its the same thing as a zip but packed into a .exe


Running the Run.bat in the docs folder is only for services... and was a mighty mistake. No where in the Read Me does it say to run it unless you read the wrong Read Me file which is the one for the services :P


You have to uninstall old components from the Add/Remove Programs in Control Panel and you also have to uninstall the mistake you made by going to the C:/ folder and looking for a folder named UniServerX_X or something close; go inside the folder and you will find Uninstall.bat, run it and then after that go back and delete that UniServerX_X folder. :blink:


Than go back to the main install and click Start.bat :(

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But wasn't mojito trying to install it as a service?



Thanks to you both firstly- YES to answer your question. Also wanted mysql to run on boot as a service.


The problem was that iis was running. It finally installed ok. But I found an exe which just extracted not installed! So just used as was and it seemd to work.


Im now getting mighty power cut style crashes! see my other post here




dont know what to do now. I'm really scared to loose disk info if this happens much more.



http://www.landed.at - a travel forum, please come along and post something about a destination you know.
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This thread poses a similar problem to mine. A “bull-in-china-shop” friend ‘installed’ (?) what looks to be the php portion of Uniform Server on my laptop - without me knowing. I am interested in installing a local host for my first foray into building/testing a php driven web site, but not until I’ve studied a bit.


Dreamweaver MX 2004 occasionally goes into 10 second freezes - like some other process is pulling resources - this was not prevalent before this Uniform Server episode.


How do I properly get rid of Uniform Server given the following:



- There are Uniform Server files on the C: drive from the download (.zip) and the extraction (non-.zip).


- A search for “php” shows the files listed above, plus many files like “UniServer3_2a\diskw\home\admin\WWW\phpMyAdmin-2.6.3-rc1\main.php” which appear to be OUTSIDE of the C: drive - see screenshot: http://www.open.org/~mdk/php_srch_rslts.htm


- There IS C:\Uniform3_1_1s folder, but no “Uninstall.bat”.


- no Uniform Server files in C:\program files area.


- no Uniform Server info in Add\Remove programs listing.


- no ‘manual in doc folder’ - doc folder only exists in the extracted files on C: .


Any help is greatly appreciated

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Dont use the .zip extraction ones. You should use the exe ones which auto extract all the files you need into the specific directory.


And i think you must have messed up the installation process. Try remove the uniform server completely and reinstall it again and it should work fine.

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To uninstall the Uniform Server, it is as easy as ABC... just Delete the whole folder and thats it. Uniform Server does not cause problems for any program, none!.. unless you messed up somewhere. It does not write to C:/Program Files, C:/Windows nor the Registry .. it is the safest program on your computer to say :blink:

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