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Apache crashing/shutting off randomly. [Carbo 6.0.3]


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As you might know I represent a pretty huge community, and have made a rather huge tutorial on how to install it.


I am also frequently updating my tutorial with the new versions because there might be security/performance/compatibility updates.


However, recently I have received several feedbacks telling me that the apache on Carbo 6.0.3 keeps going off. And frustrated owners are afraid of having their website down for hours before they notice it and manually turning it on again).


Many of my clients are having several thousand visits each day. So this might be a little critical.


1. Is there a way to make apache on Carbo automatically restart after a crash?


2. Is there a way for us to help you guys detect the error and fix it? (Like an error log)?



Carbo 6.0.0 is well tested and Carbo 6.0.1 had only positive responses.


3. Is there a way to downgrade only the apache on Carbo 6.0.3 to the Carbo 6.0.1 version?

This way, we can very swiftly downgrade to a more stable apache server, without being afraid of a big downtime (Many of my clients are not experiened in computing and something goes wrong under installation, they are afraid of being stuck again having a popular server running).


You guys are most likely updating Uniform Servers apache through apaches svn? This means its most likely not your fault since you just commit latest svn.

I am representing the open tibia community otland.net
otland.net is contributing open source server software to an 2d mmorpg game called Tibia.

Here are some Uniform server tutorials/guide contributions from me:
VIDEO TUTORIAL: I teach newbreeds to install and operate uniform server: (Updated for Coral 8.x)

Uniform Server newbie guide:
Securely installing Uniform Server for total newbeginners:
(also contains how to get our open source tibia game, and connect it successfully to the uniform mysql server).

How to add a website for our open source tibia game which includes highscore, create account and so on: (On uniform server)

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