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As if a space smart ;-)

Shyokou Ouyou

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I was a little bit fashion to try both Carbo 6.0.1 and Carbo 6.0.2, but found both omitted a space smart ;-)

I mean, the omitted space in the definition of function 'port_in_use()' in file 'UniServer/unicon/main/includes/functions.php' ... At least in the Nano 5.6.X series, the space counts; but in the new Carbo 6.0.X, it may lead to ridiculous and erroneous 'port in use' message for just something listens on or ...

In order to fix that without interfering with other parts, I applied this patch:

--- Carbo_6_0_2/UniServer/unicon/main/includes/functions.php	2010-08-13 01:25:56.453125000 +0800
+++ Carbo_6_0_2/UniServer/unicon/main/includes/functions.php	2010-08-13 01:25:56.453125000 +0800
@@ -873,6 +873,7 @@
// Input:  Port number Output: true - in use false - free to use 
function port_in_use($port){
 $list = shell_exec("netstat -anp tcp"); // Get output list as sring 
+	if( strpos( $list, '' . $port . ' ' ) )	return true;
 if(strpos($list,''.$port)){	 // Check for match
return true;						  // Found match Port already in use
 print "\nA==A match =\n";

It adds nothing but a single line begins with a plus ;-)

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