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Activating php_soap.dll


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I'm running Uniformserver 5.5 on windows 7 and I'm trying to switch on php soap.


Am I right in thinking that all I should have to do is copy the php_soap.dll file into the php\extensions folder and then uncomment the following line in php.ini?




Am I missing anything else as I've done the above and it's not being recognised.





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“I'm running Uniformserver 5.5”


What you are doing looks fine!

However I will need to dig that version out to see if there where any dependencies.


All the best

Ric :)

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Forgive me folks, I'm new to Uniform Server and php. Concept of US is just awesome, love it and it works really well. But, I'm trying to do the same re. soap, I want to test and eval the iTop CMDB system, which requires soap to be enabled.


I did exactly the above, copied php_soap.dll into the php\extensions folder, and uncommented the line in the php.ini as described by Ollie222 above.


What I'm not sure of is if there are any version issues. I have just downloaded Nano 5.6.13, and then had to download the whole php 5.3.3. win32 vc6 x86 from windows.php.net to get the php_soap.dll. But there are various versions available there, and I'm not sure which is whch. There is a "thread safe" and a "non thread safe" version. I'm not sure if it makes any difference to the php_soap.dll that comes with the packages. Regardless, the iTop installation pre-check still complains about soap. Unfortunately, php.net is not very useful in this regard.


Thanx and regards


EDIT: PS Sorry, forgot to mention, using Win7

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