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problems with vista and not XP


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Hi all,


I installed uniform server on a USB memory key, to have a portable installation of some of my working tools :

- svn

- a wordpress based blog used as a diary

- a copy of my joomla web site

- a wikini based knowledge base


all this websites are working locally , on port 8080, I limited the access of the server to ip


On xp computers, I was able to make everything working, with the help of a virtual drive W: that contains w:\www, the base of all my web sites, and a w:\svnrepos directory which contains all the svn repository files.

(I also had to put some directories in this w: disk, after some configuration adjustments)


Now, I can plug my key in any XP pc : after starting Uniform Server, everything is working fine, with a high transfert rate USB key.


My problem is that I sometime use my key on my home laptop, using Vista Home Edition, but, in this case, svn and joomla are not working. Other applications are OK.


_ svn sends me an error : 'OPTION error, could not conect to the server')

_ joomla (accessed by http://localhost:8080/joomla) turns indefinitely in 'waiting for local host'


- however, my svnrepos directory can be listed in IE or firefox with the URL :

"http://localhost:8080/svnrepos/Project1". I have to enter a login and my password and i can list the projects directories.



I thought there could be some problem with UAC / or something wrong with 'program files' directory access... but I have my UAC desactivated. I work from my admin account.


I was not a real problem for me up to now, but I think i will have to switch to win7 computers for my development activity, and this problems are the same on win7,. I could be unable to use my svn repository, but I find my USB key very helpfull. I often have to work in teams with different configurations, and I cannot have all this development environments on my laptop. THe USB key gives me the possibility to operate on any station in the projects.


Does any vista/apache expert have an idea about joomla/svn specicicities ? Do I have a tiny chance to have svn run on my key with vista or W7 ?

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