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Upgrading from 5.6a to latest


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Is there a way to upgrade my current version (5.6a) to the latest version? I looked through all documentation (except Wiki, trying there next), and I searched the forums but found nothing. The closest thing if found was instructions on how to move the server from on directory to another.


I'm currently running to Sites on 5.6a, both using php/perl/mysql/mssql server express. Therefore, i would love to upgrade vs. having to install new version in different directory, then reconfiguring my settings, then moving the sites over.


Any help is greatly appreciated!



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Yow! It's one thing to change an app on-the-fly (like WordPress and others), but quite a bit more to upgrade the server set on which the app is running. Sort of like changing tractors on a moving semi-trailer.


Normally I install a new UniServer and move all my apps over, as you mention. I have been able to upgrade some of my test sites by setting up the new version as a parallel US (rename the old one to keep it from being trashed) and then move the new files to the old one.


1. Rename old UniServer to UniOld, and make a copy as UniSave.

2. Install new Uniserver. Rename it to UniNew.

3. Rename UniOld to UniServer.

3. Move the contents of UniNew over UniServer. This effectively updates all the servers, but trashes some of the config info. The MySQL data will survive. Don't know abut mssql.

4. Use UniSave contents to tailor/restore the specific config files needed.

5. Fire it up and see what's broken. :)


REMEMBER, this is the quick and dirty way, so if it doesn't work be sure you can get back to the old UniServer contents. It's still more reliable to move your apps to the new UniServer. The process is almost like above, but you copy ONLY the apps and MySQL data files, not the whole tree.


Good Luck,


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