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Changing log file locations (cron, my.err,


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I am a former and long-time WAMP user and decided to use uni this time around for my environment.


First off, I would just like to say so far I like it... I have spent some time setting things up how I want them and I am almost there. I had a few problems off the bat because the docs are outdated mostly but I got'er goin. I hate using the default "root" user for mysql so I changed that and had to edit quite a bit. I miss my WAMP clickable php mod's but noticed uni is pretty much setup with what you need by default. Which is nice.


Currently, I am trying to merge ALL the log files to one directory and so far I have my apache and vhost where I want them. But I want to make sure I have the proper values for the rest. Here is what I changed..



define("USF_APACHE_ERROR_LOG",   US_BASE_F."/logs/apache.log");		// Apache error log
define("USF_APACHE_ACCESS_LOG",   US_BASE_F."/logs/access.log");
define("USF_MYSQL_ERROR_LOG",   US_BASE_F."/logs/mysql.err");		   //MySQLerror log
define("USF_CRON_LOG",   US_BASE_F."/logs/cron.log");					// Cron log file 
define("USF_DTDNS_LOG",   US_BASE_F."/logs/dtdns.log");				// DtDNS log file 
define("USF_DB_LOG",   US_BASE_F."/logs/db_backup_log.txt");		  // Data base log file
define("USF_MSMTP_LOG",   US_BASE_F."/logs/msmtp.log");			 // MSMTP log


Now I haven't tested yet, but I do know that my.err is not being created in my /logs folder. I do believe I have to set that one up. I briefly looked over the script for cron and noticed it uses the uni variables for path so I figured it would get created there thus leading me to post this.


Would be nice to have feedback on how to change these all properly. Thanks!

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As far as I can tell, the USF-variable for MySQL error log isn't used for ordinary server start/stop (if anywhere - could be used on server creation/firstrun but haven't checked).


You'll have to look in the MySQL servers own .ini file - most likely my.ini - and change the error log path in there. usr\local\mysql\my.ini

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