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Internet Explorer display garbled page


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Dear BoardMembers,


I've just recently tried installing the miniserver 20 reverse proxy and tried mapping to my joomla website and it works like charm. However, when i was browsing using the MS Internet Explorer, the page is garbled or jumbled content. If i use mozilla, it works like charm. Is there a way for me to fix this?


Also for my understanding, does running miniserver 20 has the capability for caching? If not, is there any way for me to do so? Hope there's a manual to do this trick.




Ehalcyon (Carl)

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Which version of IE are you using (6,7,8)? What kind of jumbling happens? This may be from "interpreting" the HTML requests and mucking up the packets (wild guess).

Regarding caching, this is dependent on Apache.


I suggest you Google: "apache reverse proxy" and check out some of the results for more information. I saw lots of good material, and I suspect you'll have your answers there.


After that, if you find some specific problem with the Mini's configuration, we can probably help more.




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