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Apache keeps crashing for unknown reason


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Ok, I'm hoping someone can help me. I've gone through a lot of the forum and tried to troubleshoot but I just can't figure this out.


First up, environment info:

Windows XP PRO SP2

Browser: FireFox 1

Uniform Server version: 3.2

Firewall: SP2 windows firewall

Anti-Virus: NOD32


Ok, I fire up 'start.bat' and everything seems fine.


I test for PHP: all good

I test for CGI: all good

I run MySQL server: all good


I click on phpMyAdmin link: Apache crashes


I tried to figure out if it was a problem with MySQL so I installed a version of wordpress and it the front page seemed to work ok (Apache didn't crash).


I then installed dokuwiki, tried to run that and it crashed Apache aswell. Doluwiki does not use MySQL so I figured it's not to blame. I also tried old and new versions of phpMyAdmin. All crashed apache in exactly the same way.


I have absolutely no idea what is causing this probem. I've attached an image of the error message I get.


Thanks for any help in advance.




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This is funny. Since Dokuwiki does not use MySQL we can say its not MySQL's problem. Have you ever installed MySQL or Apache before? Or even PHP?

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I have been using the firepages phpdev bundle but it's a self contained package like yours. As far as I know, it doesn't touch registry values or anything either so I don't think that could effect it.


I have never menually installed Apache, PHP or MySQL.

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