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Uniform Server MongoDB (beta) plugin.


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Uniform Server MongoDB (beta) plugin.

Uniform Server 6-Carbo specific.



MongoDB server - 1.4.4

PhpMoAdmin - v.1.0.7

PHP driver - php_mongo.dll


A Windows interface is provided allowing you to start and stop both Apache

and MongoDB servers.

From this interface you can start either the mongo-client

or phpMoAdmin these allow you to administer mongo-databases.


Download V6_MONGODB_beta_1.exe


1. Save to folder UniServer. (Uniform Server 6-Carbo.)

2. To extract files, double click on file V6_MONGODB_beta_1.exe

3. Start Windows interface by double clicking on file Start_MongoDB.exe

located in folder UniServer.


Note: Above initiated by this post.



The Uniform Server Development Team :)

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I keep returning to this plugin! See no comments B)

Jut wondering if it’s a MySQL superiority complex thing. :blink:

If you want a seriously fast backend server consider MongoDB a prime contender. :lol:


Yep! I have free time and looking at this plugin again. Hope to do Mongo justice.


It all takes time hence the delay. When all material is ready and published hope you find it of some use. :)


All the best

Ric :)

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