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5.6-Series demise!


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I have just received a PM regarding 5.6-Series and concern for its demise! B)

Please note this remains the prime stable branch. :blink:

Main components are being tracked such as PHP5.3.3Rc1 etc

When every component gels, there will be a new release. :lol:


6.0.0-Carbo is a public beta. In all honesty it is a proposal. We cannot test under all conditions and environments. Uniform Server adds nothing to the registry hence if it all goes pear shape, a PC restart should remove any issues.


I say should because if you are concerned do not beta test as a service. Ignore that and test as a standard program.


Hey! Less of this negative stuff, just give, it a hammering and see what fails. :)


It can’t be any worst than English football! Team players always win. :)


All the best

Ric B)

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