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UniServer 6.0.0-Carbo


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Carbo (Latin: coal, charcoal) carbon an element with diverse properties!

Matches Uniform Server perfectly.

This proposed incarnation of Uniform Server is also diverse and flexible.


Translators have an opportunity to chew their way though the following files:





Please don’t waste your time performing a full translation. Take small snippets to see if and where it breaks remember it’s a beta. :)


Similarly scriptors have the potential to add to UniTray's functionality in a modular format. B)


Text displayed to a user (buttons, labels, pop-up message boxes etc.) must be added to the language file. There are no restrictions placed on text width this is because after language translation string widths are bound to be different.


Variable width text requires an application implement auto-resizing. This is the only restriction imposed on your windows layout. :blink:


Beta testers it will be interesting to see if anyone reaches the first nag screen! B)

Out of box failure test. :lol:


Well it’s an open beta. There will be issues, hence feel free to post. :)

If possible add any proposed solutions. B)



UniServer 6.0.0-Carbo[




The Uniform Server Development Team

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