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Wordpress and UniServer: can't log on to DB


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I am trying to install wordpress...


I followed the instructions exactly like the Wiki page and all I get is that it can't logon to the dB, the server may not be running, ect.


I did change all my passwords in the beginning to make it secure...


I added a dB called wordpress

made sure the user was: root

pass: root

host: localhost


I do use the link: http://localhost/wordpress/wp-admin/install.php


I also added a user and password and changed the wp-config.php to match. Still same as above: can't logon to dB, ect.


What should I do? I am using Vista (32bit) just for testing before I go into production.


Has anyone had any similar problems? I searched the forum but none with the same issue...and other issues I don't see resolved?




Can anyone give me a clue what I should do next?


Not very savy in this so need help...

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I changed the IP from localhost.


I also noticed that when i downloaded from the uniform server webiste the wordpress (plugins) it gave me install instructions and that seemed to work much better...


Either way worked great...

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