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DNS Issues under Windows 7


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I'm attempting to move from 4.3(Mona) on Windows XP to 5.6.7(Nano) on Windows7 but I've run into a few snags.


The first one was the "LOCALHOST" not working for MYSQL bug which has been reported here before - replacing references to "LOCALHOST" with "" works fine.


The next problem relates to using CURL in PHP. It seems there's no DNS resolution for CURL so it cannot connect to any external websites by name - only by IP.


I suspect these issues are related - something in W7 is blocking access to DNS resolution in some way??


All I've tried thusfar is disabling the Windows Firewall and that makes no difference so I'm open to suggestions.

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The two issues are unrelated.

MySQL localhost replace with "" is the preferred solution for W7.


Since CURL works with an IP address your server is working correctly.

I agree with you it looks like a W7 DNS resolution issue.


I have no idea how to resolve it perhaps this link may be of use:



All the best

Ric :angry:

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I should emphasise the PC has no problems connecting to and using DNS for everything else - it's only CURL within PHP which seems unable to resolve servernames.


PHP's own file_get_contents() works fine so it's clearly a specific issue somewhere???

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OK run server status

Check the first line; is an IP address displayed.

All the best

Ric :)

Yup - it is.


It also seems that either a reinstall or restart (I did both) has resolved this - although I've had a couple of "could not connect" errors since, nothing which didn't go away on a reload...


Thanks for the help!

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