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Uniserver and Services


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I installed UniServer3_2 on Windows XP Pro, and was thrilled with how easy it made starting up a local webserver.


Now, I have learned this and that about Apache and webservers and php, and decided I wanted to install Apache, php, and MySQL manually and try it that way. Meaning no disrespect towards Uniserver, I love it and will go back to it if I can get it to do Apache as a Service rather than as an application.


So I removed UniServer from my machine and proceeded with the installation of Apache and PHP. I thought I had integrated the parts correctly. Alas, if you look here: http://salvatrucha.ca you will see the problem.


Despite reporting that PHP is embedded into Apache ("Apache/2.0.52 (Win32) PHP/5.0.5 Server at salvatrucha.ca Port 80"), it doesn't know what to do with the .php file that shows up in the index page; the file that should be showing up as a default document. If you click on the file, it tries to download it as a file rather than parsing it.


If you're interested, have a look at my httpconf file, I think it's all good.


Where is my handler for .php? :(


I think that my system is set to look to Uniserver (which is now gone) for my php handling, whereas it's actually the Apache Service that should be handling it.


So my question is: how to I tell Windows to use the Apache Service to handle .php files, rather than the absent Uniserver?


Help would be much appreciated.

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After you delete the Uniform Server, nothing is left on your PC unless you installed the services plugin with the Uniform Server and forgot to uninstall it.


Recheck your httpd.conf file. Also, why didn't you just use the .exe package? They set everything for you... :(


BTW: The problem is nto only with PHP, i do not think it is even PHP or anything. You totally set something wrong cause it also tries to download folders...

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Thanks for the feedback. I'm a noob so I didn't know about the services plugin you both mentioned. I will poke around in the site a little and find out more, probably just go back to uni cuz I love it, and if the services plugin works I'm set.


I still want to know where my php handlers went though.

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