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Shebang handling in Nano


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I've used Apollo 3.5 for about three years to do Perl development (as a hobby).


Today I decided to try Nano 5.6.6, and ran across some interesting niggles regarding path-to-perl handling:

-- I think it is fine to leave the perl libs out of the new release, but a little readme in the /usr folder giving a url to the download would be helpful.


-- Apollo recognizes the generic /usr/bin/perl path. Nano doesn't; it needs /UniServer/usr/bin/perl which is localized. Problem: Someone used to uploading to CVS straight from Uniform Server is going to get a lot of complaints if one doesn't remember to go through the scripts and edit the shebangs. Can Nano be told to accept the generic path?


-- The shebang fixer in the new version is a nice touch, but it is too hungry. It must match #! only at the beginning of a string. For instance, a perl script might contain a conditional that begins like

if (/^#! ([A-Z]+) (.+)/) {

but the shebang fixer changes it to

if (/^#!G:/UniServer/usr/bin/perl.exe

which of course throws an exception next time the sub is loaded.


-- As a courtesy, Nano should save an original copy of any file it changes.


I like the new version and interface. Lots of improvements and new looks.

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I just spent the last hour and a half trying to get Movable Type working with Uniform Server only to realize that the perl binaries are completely missing!?


Perl is mentioned all over your site and documentation. There are still links to Perl documentation in your Apanel. This all leads one to assume that Perl is part of the package. But it's not. And you didn't see fit to disclose this change in the README or anywhere else?


Even the wiki page discussing the Perl situation does not provide a direct link to download the plugin packages. Instead linking to a SF root set of files forcing the user to drill down endlessly, trying to guess the location of the correct Perl plugin files.


This is highly inconsiderate to new users of Uniform Server who have not read the release notes of your last major version's release.

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Thanks for posting. I have updated the Wiki page for Perl downloads.


Please note all plugins are suitable for both Nano and Carbo series


Apart from a general download link each plugin now has its own individual download link.


Wiki page: Perl plugin downloads


All the best

Ric :)

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