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Is my firewall a problem


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It has been a while since i have been here. Uniform server is awsome.


I formatted my computer and installed the new version of Uniform Server. I cannot access it from outside. I do not have a router!


How do I set up my computer or uniform server to let me access my computer from another computer.


I am running windows XP pro. This worked fine for me before. I am pretty sure I had to do something to my network connection or my internet connection options. If that is the case what settings should I have in there? I know i have the default settings for the firewall. I am a novice when it comes to setting up the server.


I can access my computer from home using localhost. I deleted the htaccess from within the www folder and still cannot gain access. I am sure it is something very simple.


I hate to be a bother. I searched the forum and could not find the answer. :(


Even though I am a novice this software is so easy to use. The help is also great!

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when you start uniformserver, you should get a popup from windows firewall telling you that apache is requesting permission to access the internet. Make sure that you select "unblock". You could also try going into the firewall config panel and setting port 80 as an exception.

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Do you have another Anti-Virus software? Did you add Port 80 to the list of Port Exception in Windows Firewall?


Are you using the real IP and not the network IP? Network IPs are like this: 192.168.1.XXX


To find out your real IP go to http://www.whatismyip.com

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