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eAccelerator not playing nice with Doctrine2


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Doctrine2 (www.doctrine-project.org), a nice PHP ORM, uses phpdoc reflection for determining table metadata.

When working against cached versions of the entities classes, the scripts fail because I believe their phpdoc comments are stripped when the class is cached.


I've read there is a compile time switch that would prevent eaccelerator from stripping those comments.

It could be useful now, when more and more projects start using this type of reflection.


Any chance this could make it into a next version or at least a plugin?

Also, the shared memory caching of eAccelerator doesn't seem enabled (eaccelerator_get function undefined). This would force us using a different caching library for metadata - again, there should be a compile time switch for this.


Thank you!


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Just realised why my xdebug sessions were shutting down apache when using watches.

Guess what: eaccelerator...

Disabling it made all problems go away.

Just installed a windows version of memcached - perfectly functional for caching some query/metadata info.


I think that should be a more valuable addition to Uniserver than eaccelerator, at least until that's more stable.


Thanks again.

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