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HOW-TO: XSL Extension Installation for UniServer Nano 5.6.5


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The purpose of this article is to allow XSL support on UniServer PHP

  • For this document - Assume %top% to be root of the UniServer Installation Folder

For reference I am using Nano 5.6.5 Version housing PHP 5.3.2


From my research, UniServer implements PHP Thread-Safe x86 VC6.



  1. Download php-5.3.2-Win32-VC6-x86.zip
  2. Extract ext/php_xsl.dll from zip to %top/usr/local/php/extensions
  3. Remove semi-colon from line ;extension=php_xsl.dll in files:
    • php.ini
    • php.ini_delvelopment_nano
    • php.ini_production_nano
    • php-cli.ini is OPTIONAL for Command-Line-Interface. Add the line if required.

[*]Test - I used the files listed on XSL-PHP Example

Please provide comments if a more efficient method is introduced.

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This procedure is valid for all 5-Nano series servers. Note that 6-Carbo and 7-Orion series already include the proper version of php_xsl.dll and you do NOT need to download anything for these servers.


The Test files listed above are still available as of this date.




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