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HOWTO ~username ?


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I'm using a default installation of Uniserver 3.2a under WinXP.


I'd like to create multiple user directories.


I thought I just have to create /user1/, /user2/,... under the /home/ directory of the server but I can't access them neither with http://localhost/~user1/ nor with http://localhost/home/user1/.


What do I have to do to configure such an arborescence ?


Thanks in advance...

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The user directories are created in W:/www not W:/home :(


Also check to make sure that the option is turned on in the httpd.conf file. I am not too sure if it is on in 3.2a.

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all you got to do is make sure that you got the following

for Per-user web directories


in the httpd.conf  UserDir "/www/" with out the "#"


now this is set up for pc's that has got more than 1 user it uses your windows name being giving for example Owner or bob or rbowen when you log in to your pc .


ok now we got to put the folder in it's rightful place we need to make a folder in


C:\Documents and Settings\Owner

so it looks like this

C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\www


the url would be




Hope it helps out :(

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IPB Image

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IPB Image

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