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How do I add user & pass word to the data base


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Hi, I love the server , ever since i found it my wife treath to leave me...lol...one question ? How do i add instalation info of a software such as user & pass word to Database ? just like this one http://www.lightningservers.net/cpanel-dem.../sql/index.html

Does this server come with MySQL Account Maintenance? if not how do i get it to work with the Uniform server?

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Go to http://localhost/a/ (Must have the / after the a, as I found out the hard way) - provided you're on the same computer you're running the server on it should come up with a purpley menu screen.


Click phpMyAdmin in the bottom left (?) and a PHP-coded MySQL manager should come up. I can't get at my copy since my webserver's gone bang, but.. there should be a 'Permissions' or 'Priveleges' tab. Click that, and you'll get menu options to add/delete accounts/passwords for MySQL.

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