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[REQ] MySQL Server FAILS to shutdown, if you change 'root' to something else...


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Hi, for security reasons, I change username 'root' and pass 'root' to something else like 'abcdef' and '123456'...


After changing the username, the MySQL server would not shutdown if you use Start.exe > Stop Uniserver


Maybe it is located in UniServer\unicon\main\includes\functions.php LINE 342


$cmd3 = US_MYSQL_BIN."/mysqladmin.exe --port=$mysql_port --user=root --password=$mysql_password shutdown\"";


Look at the bolded parts. I changed it to 'abcdef' and now MySQL server can be turned off properly...


My main point:

Besides get_mysql_password(), please would you mind to also implement something like get_mysql_username() ?

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There is no need to change root name only the password is required. :)


You should never use the root account for anything else other than administration.

Or installing applications, this make life a little easier however you must create a restricted user for that application see Wiki for details.


All the best

Ric :)

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Yes but I decided to tighten the security a little further so I change the 'root' username, too...


Now in my UniServer conf, user 'root' does not exist... So attacker can't even guess the password... He must guess the username also...


Besides administration user, I also have created restricted user. Thanks for your advices :)

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