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V56 Z-Controller 1.1


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Z-Controller 1.1 Released


Z-Controller is an alternative controller for Uniform Server 5.6b-Nano and 5.6-Nano.

It incorporates features from UniTray and Apanel with a user interface similar to UniController.


Initial release of this plugin used its own PHP 5.3.2 binaries, when extracted consumed a massive 12.5M of disk space. This release excluding bat2exe weights in at 796 KB a significant reduction.


New in this release:

A MySQL tab has been added allowing you to create a database prior to installing third party applications. For production you can create a restricted user for a specific database.


Again its not intended to be final code but more of a work in progress consider it a starting point for your own personalised controller.


Download: V56 Z-Controller 1.1


Wiki has been updated. Now includes a page describing above MySQL Tab.


Wiki support: Z controller MySQL Tab



The Uniform Server Development Team :)

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Z-Controller 1.2 Released


This is a bug fix release.


Same download link as above.


All the best

Ric :)

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