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UniServer 5.6a-Nano


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1] Uniform Server version 5.6a-Nano released.




- MySQL updated to 5.1.44;

- Updated PHP to 5.2.13

- phpMyAdmin updated to 3.2.5;

- Core changes and bug fix

- Apanel config.inc.php changed variables to constants

- MySQL dbhost replaced "localhost" with W7 IPV6 issue

- Full support for V56 UniServer USB 1.0

- Apanel cleaned up! Now uses main config from Unicon

- Updated eAccelerator

- UniTray bug fix


General Note:


5.6-Nano will now be an upgraded version of 5.6a-Nano

(It will contain PHP 5.3 and any other updates when available)


This new release allows you to test code on PHP version 5.2.13


With the exception of (UniServer USB) 5.5-Nano plugins are compatible.


2] V56 UniServer USB 1.0 plugin released.

UniServer USB has been upgraded to run on 5.6a-Nano

This plugin is specific to 5.6 and will not run on older versions.


Download links:


UniServer 5.6a

V56 UniServer USB 1.0


SourceForge Uniform Server



The Uniform Server Development Team :)

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