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images loading after refresh


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I'm having some troubles with some php pages. They have like 3 images, but when I tested them no image was displayed. After a couple of browser's refresh (F5) one image showed. Then I reloaded the page a couple of times and then the page is displayed ok.


A friend tried it out and the same thing happened to him, he had to reload the page a couple of times and then the images appeared (in firefox and explorer).


I have no idea why this could happen, I don't know if this is a bug or what.


Please help!

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Its not a bug. I think it is due to a program or something running on your computer. We have had a few other reports about this, but can't seem to locate the problem. Can you get a list of programs/firewall/antivirus program you and your friends share and run?

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I was trying to fix the problem, but it was impossible. I've changed the images, but the

problem is still there. I'm using NOD32 (antivirus), but I did shut it down and then tested

but the problem remained. I've also realized that when the images didn't display if you

use the "show image" command (right button over the image) then the images are

displayed and it works (but I don't want that you have to do the "show image" or reload

the pages a couple of times first).


I've also discovered that with some windows 2000 browsers are problems even with

javascript, because some scripts didn't worked until some page reloading was done. I

know that javascript is executed on the client side, but the problem was not the scripting

or the execution of them, but kind of getting access to the scripts (external files)


Well. I will look again into the codes, but it's strange because I never had this kind of

problem before...I take the javascript thing as my problem, but the thing with the

images is very unusual.


Any news, I'll be thankful.

Thanks again.

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