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UniServer 5.6-Nano Beta 2


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UniServer 5.6-Nano Beta 2



- MySQL updated to 5.1.44;

- Updated PHP to 5.3.2RC2

- phpMyAdmin updated to 3.2.5;

- Core changes and bug fix

- Apanel config.inc.php changed variables to constants

- MySQL dbhost replaced "localhost" with W7 IPV6 issue

- Full support for V56 UniServer USB 1.0 - To be released

- Apanel cleaned up! Now uses main config from Unicon

- Disabled eAccelerator until PHP 5.3.2 repleased


This release of Uniform Server is purely to give all users a chance of running code with PHP 5.3.2RC2


Download: Beta2


All the best

Ric :)

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