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I would be most grateful for instructions on how to enable support for XSLT in PHP (version 5.2.10 -- I am using Uniform Server 5.0-Nano).


Reason I need to know is that I am trying to install Symphony CMS, which requires XSLT.


(I should mention that I am very far from an expert in PHP...)


Many thanks!

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PHP (version 5.2.10 -- I am using Uniform Server 5.0-Nano)
UniServer uses a slimed downed version of PHP hence to use the extension php_xsl.dll you need to download a full version of PHP and extract the required extension.


OK since you have provided enough information follow this proceedure:


1] Download the following zip file and save to any folder:



2] Unzip the above to the current folder:


3] Now navigate to file: *\php-5.2.10-Win32\ext\php_xsl.dll


4] Copy the above file to folder: *\Nano_5_0\UniServer\usr\local\php\extensions


5] You need to edit the following three files in folder: Nano_5_0\UniServer\usr\local\php






In the above three files locate this line:


Change to this


(Removing semi-colon enables the extension)

Restart servers


All the best

Ric ;)

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