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"The parameter is incorrect" error


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Ive just installed Uniserver 5.5 on a Win 2003 VPS. The install seems fine according to the "server status" dialogue:

the server status


However, if I select any of the options in the unitray menu that have a "earth sphere" image ( Admin Panel, phpMyAdmin, WWW Root or SSL Root) I get this weird error:

the error


Ive tried hunting the forum for this error, but no luck so far. Anyone got any ideas?

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I am not sure what the cause is.

The first image clearly shows servers are installed as a service and running.

I assume if you type http://localhost into a browser the index page is displayed correctly.

Likewise http://localhost/apanel/ also works?


That second image displaying


The parameter is incorrect

Is interesting because it looks like all UniTray links mentioned in you post reach this page:


This is where they are constructed for example

//=== Display Admin Panel in browser ==========================================
if($information == 1){
$command = "start http://localhost:$apache_port/apanel/"; // display index page 
exec($command,$dummy,$return);						   // run command 

That code creates the link you have in your image.

Similar code within the core will have started the servers hence I cannot see what throws this error “The parameter is incorrect”


Although interesting I cannot offer a solution. ;)


All the best

Ric :)

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