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WinBinder plugin released


Well this year it would seem we have stopped working on US.

Truth is we are waiting for PHP 5.3.2


However it does give us an opportunity to suggest where US is going.

Last year core control architecture was changed from Perl to PHP CLI.


Real significance of that change you can create your own Uniform Server controller.


For web site design most members will be familiar with PHP however that talent can be used for designing Windows application. To achieve this the WinBinder PHP module is ideal. Although the core has remained unchanged the open source community is actively supporting it.


Two members of the WinBinder project have kindly allowed their material to be published for Uniform Server tutorials and inclusion in any associated downloads.


Alec Gorge – Contributed php_winbinder.dll binaries

Andrew Fitzgerald - Contributed PHC-Win


Without these contributions neither the tutorials or downloads would have been possible hence my personal thanks to these two chaps for making it possible.


Uniform Server downloads use WinBinder-0.46.0 this has been greatly modified retaining its excellent documentation and examples. PHP core and appropriate binaries added to produce a fully portable version that runs straight out of the box.


Read the Wiki support material first

PHP WinBinder: Introduction

PHP WinBinder 2: Introduction


Choose a download that suits your needs from SourceForge.



Note: Tutorials assume no knowledge of Windows application design. PHP and WinBinder allow you to produce powerful Windows applications.



The Uniform Server Development Team ;)

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