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I have finished "hacking" version 5.5 "Nano", because I found it too complicated for my needs (I like to keep a separate and portable Uniform version with every website or application I develop plus I needed some extra tools inside) and thought I should share this.


You can download the custom version from here:



What this version includes:

- Apache 2.2.14

- PHP 5.2.12 configured with all the PHP plug-ins loaded by Uniserv 5.5 plus the Ioncube Loader extension and sqlite-based session management

- PHPMyAdmin

- msmtp



- Old style (version 3.5 "Apollo") Control Panel

- No Control Tray. There is just a "Server_Start.bat" and a "Stop.bat", which start and stop all the required services (Apache-PHP, mysql).

- In the "plugins\Services" directory I have added the plugin from version 3.5, to permanently install the services locally, but it's not yet tested.

- Like in version 3.5, Uniserv will create a virtual drive (default drive-letter "W:/"), for more convenience in working with scripts which require absolute server paths, being able at the same time to copy Uniserv on any medium and continue working from there.



Under Vista and 7, it seems that Apache will crash the 1st time you will try to start PHPMyAdmin, but after re-starting the server it will work ok.


This version has been based on back-porting the version 5.5 services (Apache-PHP, mysql) and tools (PHPMyAdmin etc) to the file-structure of version 3.5 and not vice versa.

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