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Using UniServer with a separate HTTP server


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I am running Windows 7 (yeah, it's funny, I know), and Apache does not particularly like to run very well in 7. I can get it to run using a tutorial I found through Google, but I am not particularly impressed with the security.


I want to use NetworkActiv Web Server, because it's security and logging is top-notch, and Apache is just so...limited. I have added a full, updated (5.3) install of PHP into "%root%/usr/local/php/". I have successfully gotten NetworkActiv to load the web root "%root%/www/" as the root directory of the server, and added an alias, "apanel" to "%root%/home/admin/www/", so it is just the same as the regular UniServer (w/ Apache) install, or so I thought.


One problem I found is that whenever I try to access some specific folders (mysql or phpmyadmin), it will not load. Apparently my folder structure for my server is incorrect. I tried setting the root directory as "%root%", and that didn't work either.


Any tips? I used to use xAMPP, until I got frustrated because its installation does not work well with NetworkActiv apparently.


Thanks in advance.

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Both XAMPP and Uniform Server tightly integrate their components to offer a complete working package. This means you will have problems substituting the Apache server.


However that said if you are using NetworkActiv Web Server as your main server have you considered using Uniform Server or XAMPP as a backend server.


That said if NetworkActiv Web Server meets your requirements why are you attempting to use either XAMPP or Uniform Server?


I have read you post several times and think I may have missed something fundemtal.


All the best

Ric :)

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I like to use a WAMP server (like xAMPP or UniServer) because I had trouble getting all of the individual services to work (maybe it's Windows 7?). WAMP servers seemed to work effectively. Also, I like the administration panel, which makes it very nice to use. Not only that, but the WAMP servers seem to configure everything correctly for me, which is nice.


I think I know the main issue, though. I cannot access my own network using the external ip address AT&T gave me. Thus, I cannot use localhost:80 as the listener for NetworkActiv WebServer, because I cannot access localhost from outside my network.


So, looking through the scripts of UniServer, I came across one variable that I found interesting: $root


It is not defined in either configuration php scripts (/home/admin/www/includes/config.inc.php or /unicon/main/includes/config.inc.php) It's not even declared in php.ini.


If I can find that variable, which is supposed to direct to "/", not "/www/", then I canprobably find the problem.

I'm pretty sure it has something to do with my external ip address or localhost problems.


If you have any ideas/ software I can use besides this, without having to install every individual thing myself (php(myadmin), pegasus, mysql, etc), then put them forward. I'd like something similar to a WAMP server, but customizable. I'm open to anything, really. I just want something running and working (and remotely accessable if possible). If I have to install individual parts, then I'll do that.


Still, my main point is that I want something running, under the NettworkActiv server.




I can't believe this, but I didn't think of cPanel. What an idiot I am. lol

There are a few cPanel alternatives, and they are free. :)


Why didn't I think of this before xD. But, I will have to install everything myself... oh well.


Still, I am open to suggestions if you have them.




Scratch that. I spoke too soon. All the alternatives are either for Linux only, or are outdated for Windows. It looks like I'm at a dead end.


All I want is an administrative back-end to manage everything, but I guess it's not too bad if I have to link to the folders myself.


If you know anything that will work for me, please let me know. Man, why can't someone create a panel for Windows? How bad is that?


I'm taking Programming next semester. Maybe I'll create it myself. I've been studying PHP, so maybe I can create something some day that'll work. And it'll be free. :)

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