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Joomla will not finish install


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I have loaded Uniserve and have then loaded Joomla 1.5* as per all the instructions. All goes well until I enter Http://localhost/joomla/. i get the language selection, the licence and then the datbase screen. I complete this with every combination i can think of ann then go "Next" after about 30 seconds I get a blank browser screen and that is that, it does not move on to the next screen.

Please this is driving me nuts.

I have tried it on a USB drive and the hard drive, same problem. I ahve been using XAMPP with mixed results in a portable situation and want something more consistant.


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hello I read first the forum and then ask question , I have the same problem , joomla starts the install until the mysql options and then when I click the next button FireFox gets blank page


I can access apanel , phpadmin uniserver seems working


I got the joomla plugin install it , I can see the joomla database on phpadmin but when I go to http://localhost/joomla again blank page .


My system is Windows7 x64 ultimate with the UAC disabled


I see that there is someone who has the same problem so it is some sort of options or properties we need to check / change ;)



ok I found it


for the installation need to put (not localhost )

username : root

password : root (or your password)

and for the database just type an name it will created by itself


it worked and hope that was it

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Thanks Ric & Bourbos.

I just got started on looking at Rics suggestion and Bourbos's response came thru.


I downloaded files per Rics suggestion then installed it per Bourbos's suggestion and it works. I don't know which one or both solved it but it is working fine. thanks heaps, I have wanted to try Uniform in place of Xampp for some time.


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