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Security complacency!


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After publishing application plugins, I thought it appropriate to add another section to the installation guides.


MySQL Security


If you are intending to put the application on line, make sure to read any security advice provided with the application and check providers web site. :)


More importantly the general installation guides are extreme security risk if they are put online as is. It's imperative you secure the MySQL server before putting your servers online. :)


Hence please read the above page MySQL Security and restrict privileges to any user that has connection access to your server. :)


All the best

Ric :)

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I think the worst attitude you could have with regard to security, is being complacent. I mean, security is just one of those aspects that you can never go complacent as you are just opening loopholes hackers can gain leverage from. Being complacent would mean like, you would not mind a small threat as it is not big enough to bring down what you have. And while that can remain true for some time, that would not ensure that it will not be able to bring you down for the coming events.

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