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Uniform Server 5.5-Nano


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1] Uniform Server version 5.5-Nano released.


- Updated eAccelerator 0.9.6-rc1 + Control panel

- Updated OpenSSL to 0.9.8L

- phpMyAdmin updated to 3.2.4;

- Updated msmtp to 1.4.19

- Updated UniTray read ports from config files

- Updated language files to match UniTray (V55-series)

- Bug fix MySQL multi-server port

- Minor bug fixes;



Wiki Support


2] New Language packs (Plugins) released

These match UniTray's new configuration:

Language - Translator


English - Template

French - Kris

German - Google shame that!

PortugueseBR - Gopala

Russian - Andrey




3] Portable FileZilla Server (Plugin) released

Added Russian UniTray - Andrey

Upgraded all UniTray ini files



Wiki Support


4] New Plugin released

Uniform Server Portable CA (Certificate Authority)



Wiki Support


5] New Application Plugins released

These are pre-configured applications just extract and run.

Note: These are not intended for production only to provide a quick method

of installation allowing you to explore the application.


Application plugins:









Wiki Support


This release was made possible thanks to our Beta Team

Many thanks go to our translators for the language packs.


A special thanks to Stu for sticking with W7 beta testing.


As always 5.5 is ready to run straight out of the box.


Merry Christmas



The Uniform Server Development Team :)

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Please note:

I have republished 5.5-Nano (on 2009-12-13)

With the exception of folder UniServer\alternative_control content and initial server path settings the two releases are identical.


These changes are so small and do not justify a new version.


Reason for this update; if servers fail to run above changes help aid in the diagnostic process.


For testing and diagnostics:

Create a new folder C:\Nano_5_5

Extract Uniform Server to it

All paths are initially referenced to this folder allowing servers to be directly run.

Hence tests in folder UniServer\a_diagnostic can be run without first running server_status.bat


It may seem a trivial change however when trying to find what server component is failing the above changes allow PHP to be eliminated from the equation.


All the best

Ric :)

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New French translation pack released version 1.1



Release notes translated into French

Plugin updated to include French translation for eAccelerator control panel.


Download link


Many thanks Kris excellent work. :)


All the best

Ric :)

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Well I forgot to announce the publication of this plugin UniServer_USB :)


The plugin integrates portable Firefox into Uniform Server 5.5-Nano’s

architecture. This allows Uniform Server to be run independently of the host

PC. To achieve this it uses Portable Firefox and a PAC file. (PAC file

prevents issues with Vista and W7 "hosts" file).


What all that stuff means is you can create a virtual host with Apanel and use your real domain name for developing your site. You can move UniSever to another location and portable Firefox will follow hence it’s a real portable solution independent of host PC and host browser. :)


Download link


All the best

Ric :)

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