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UniServer 5.4.1-Nano Beta


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UniServer 5.4.1-Nano




- Updated eAccelerator 0.9.6-rc1 + Control panel

- Updated OpenSSL to 0.9.8L

- Updated msmtp to 1.4.19

- Bug fix MySQL multi-server port

- UniTray bug fixes

- Minor bug fixes;


If you have experienced problems running phpMyAdmin on Vista or Windows 7 the changes will have resolved this issue. Please confirm this has been resolved or report any problems.


Please note language translation packs will not work on this beta release.






The Uniform Server Development Team :rolleyes:

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UniServer 5.4.1-Nano Beta 2


After publishing rechecked current release status of all components only to find phpMyAdmin had been updated.


There is no point in testing something that will not be released hence beta 2


Please remember this is an open beta all feedback welcome.



Changes: phpMyAdmin updated to 3.2.4;





All the best

Ric :rolleyes:

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