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UniServer 5.4-Nano Beta 3


Download: http://sourceforge.net/projects/miniserver/



Removed language test packs (Downoad from SF 5-Nano plugins);

Updated Apanel - Several pages UTF-8 compatibility issues;

Corrected compatibility issue with AWStats plugin



Please post all UniServer 5.4-Nano Beta 3 results here, thank you.



The Uniform Server Development Team

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After publishing UniServer5.4-Nano Beta 3

PHP released 5.3.1RC4 (12 Nov 2009) – minor changes

This does not warrant a new Uniform Server beta release.

However a new file has been added to the beta 3 folder:

UniServer5_4_Beta_3a.exe updated PHP to 5.3.1RC4


All the best

Ric :rolleyes:

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