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UniServer 5.4-Nano Beta 2


Download: http://sourceforge.net/projects/miniserver/



MySQL updated to 5.1.40;

PHP updated to 5.3.1RC3;

Disabled eAccelerator - Until official release of PHP 5.3.1

phpMyAdmin updated to 3.2.3;

Fixed phpMyAdmin gz double compression

Fixed CLI ini load issue, added cmd switch to forces file load

MySQL configuration file my.cnf renamed to my.ini

MySQL configuration file additional file added medium_my.ini

Updated all .htaccess files to use server root relative paths

Added support for Webalizer - plugin!



The server is UTF-8 compliant. For testing a language pack is included.

Please note individual language packs are works in progress and not final.


Language pack includes: French, German Russian and Portuguese


English.exe – Reference template

French.exe – Kris (See note 1)

PortugueseBR_1_0.exe – Gopala (Near final release)

Russian.exe – Andrey


German.exe – No takers


Note 1: Kris has just published an updated French translation pack download link:




Please post all UniServer 5.4-Nano Beta 2 results here, thank you.



The Uniform Server Development Team :rolleyes:

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Individual language packs have been published on SF in folder Plugins/Uniform Server 5-Nano Plugins.


The German pack requires further work. If someone would take this up it would be most appreciated. Apanel and UniTray have been translated hence usable.


Beta 3 (due this weekend) will no longer contain test language packs.


Currently there is a known issue running AWStats plugin this has been resolved and incorporated in beta 3 along with minor Apanel changes.


All the best

Ric :rolleyes:

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