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access control under Windows XP?


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Host platform for Uniform Server will be Windows XP Pro.


Is there some way of keeping access to Uniform Server strictly local -- that is, not available via my network connection to the world? Or is that already built in?


Note that I do have Zone Alarm Pro installed as a software firewall, so undoubtedly when I try to connect to localhost for Uniform Server, I'll be asked what permissions to give. What should I way.

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Yes it comes with that... The .htaccess file blocks anyone except localhost unless you modified it.


Zone Alarm cannot block it and run it locally alone, it will absolutely block it and will not allow it to work even on localhost.

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Some earlier versions of ZoneAlarm are actually making Apache crash, just to point that out...


As far as UniServer goes, you could just allow any traffic on port 80 in the (well, any) firewall's settings and you'd still be safe from internet access with the default security.


If you don't want people to know that you have a webserver at all and want/must have port 80 blocked, you could also reconfigure it to run on a different port. A slight change in the Apache config file does this.

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