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Slow initial response after 20-30 minutes


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After the server is idle for about 20-30 minutes it takes it to load a simple image about 20-30 seconds, after that its like it wakes up and starts doing it at normal speed, really fast. This is really a problem, since it looks like the server doesn't work, if somone comes on it.



And it's only slow for the first person that comes, so its not reverse DNS lookup. And its even if link a simple image.




Any help appreciated!

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It’s difficult to know where the problem is. :)


What versions of US are you using?

What version of Joomla are you using?


Not sure if that’s due to latency of Apache after such a prolonged period of no activity!


All the best

Ric B)

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I ran the above set-up on XP after first purging browser cache.

Could not reproduce your results.

Hey! Not really a valid test since you are using Vista.


I was looking for any obvious latency; my CPU usage was almost flat-line at 0%

Not sure if this is an area worth looking at, just a thought.


All the best

Ric :)

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Actualy its Windows server 2008 :). I just noticed something, I have 2 domains one of which works OK but the other one is slow in its initial response, its the one we're talking about here. The first domain is not in use at the moment, but I made a simple html page and it worked normaly. So there is nothing wrong with apache (atleast I think so) but rather something with MySQL or PHP.



EDIT: I did something to fix this. Actually work around it, I installed an add-on for Mozilla that auto refreshes the site every 5 minutes B) Would still like a proper solution tho, I'm almost positive its MySQL now.

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