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Help with Campsite

Terix Dragonblood

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Its not difficult to set-up however do not use 5.1-Nano (script is not PHP 5.3.0 ready!)

Download 5.0-Nano, I assume you just want to run Campsite for testing hence the following will quickly get you up and running:


1 Copy entire content of folder: campsite-3.3.2.tar\campsite-3.3.2\campsite\implementation\site

To folder :UniServer\www


2 In folder: UniServer\www


Open file .htaccess in a text editor (UniServer's note period at beginning)


Open file htaccess in a text editor (campsite's note no period)

Copy all its content and add to the end of .htaccess (UniServer,s)

Save file .htaccess


3 Start servers

4 Installation script will atomically run if not type the following into a browser: http://localhost


5 Pre-installation Check - Should be OK - Click next

6 License - Click next

7 Database Settings - Set User Password to: root - Click next

8 Set these General Configuration -

Site Title:

Administrator Password:

Administrator E-Mail:


9 Select - Sample Site - Click next


10 Click the "Administrator" icon to start Campsite.


Note access login page: http://localhost/admin/login.php

Note access site: http://localhost

Note: admin is login name password you set in step 8


No idea how to use this software however I was able to navigate admin.


All the best

Ric :)

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hi Ric,


I have downloaded campsite 3.3.4 on Uniform Server [5.5-Nano], and the installation went just fine, but when I am trying to login through the admin interface (admin, and with the password that i set through the installation steps), it keeps showing me the same login page without any error, I am not sure if there something missing with campsite or universal server.. do u have any idea?

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Note: Current version of Campsite 3.3.4 is not compatible with PHP 5.3.*

Hence you will need to install on a version of Uniform Server that uses PHP 5.2.*

For example Uniform Server 5.5a-Nano uses PHP 5.2.11


All the best

Ric ;)

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