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Uniform Server 5.0-Nano Beta3 - (display_errors On) php.ini problems


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I just upgraded from the 4.3 version to the Uniform Server 5.0-Nano Beta3. After copying my WWW root and MySQL databases everything was working as expected.


I started to adjust a script and noticed the page stayed blank, no problem since error reporting was Off. I changed it in the Admin Panel to On. (I made sure I was in the development php.ini before I did this). I saved the settings and tried again. Still I got a blank page phpinfo() told me display_errors are Off. So I edited 3 php.ini files (dev/prod/current in use) and made sure everything was set to display_errors On (even the remarked ones to be sure). After starting the services phpinfo() still showed display_errors Off.


I checked which php.ini file is used according to phpinfo() and this file seems to be in order.


Am I doing something wrong or is this some a bug?




platform: OS Windows Vista (64bit)

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To just make sure I wasn't completelly going crazy I took another USB stick and put the b3 version on there. Same problem with a whole 'clean' install.


Also spelling mistake at the 'default page' (Welcome to the Uniform Server defualt) Default is spelled incorrect :)


feature request: change icon color when server is active


update: When activating safe mode the errors show up

openMSX the best MSX emulator out there

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