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Okay I'm new to this so any help would be appreciated. I downloaded the uniserver a while ago, and i tried instaling one of the plugins (Unitray), i folowed all the instructions on the page but i cant get it to work. Can some please walk me through the whole process, i would appreciate it.

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All files in Main Folder should be placed in the folder where Start.bat is.


The rest, should be placed in W:/plugins/ folder. If you are using 3.2, you have to make a plugins folder in the W:/ drive. The rest should be in a folder named SlimFTPd, which should be placed in W:/plugins/, so the folder structure will be: W:/plugins/SlimFTPd/


Please note that the plugin will not work on any other version other than 3.2!


That should be it :P


Reply for further support.

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