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"path" after I downaloded my site into uniformserver?


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this is my first time to do things like this. I wanted to test my site from internet in my uniformserver.

I downloaded my site folders and database, I imported database and now I should change paths in configuration file of Joomla. yesterday I didn't succeed, therefore I try now again and I ask for advice.

I suppose this path should be changed:

var $log_path = '/home/vol5/07x.net/blabla/htdocs/amb/logs';

var $tmp_path = '/home/vol5/07x.net/blabla/htdocs/amb/tmp';


here is my path (as you see, "F" means that I installed uniformserver in my USB):




1) so, what should I write in:

var $log_path = '

var $tmp_path = '


I suppose I should change and this:

var $dbtype = 'mysql';

var $host = 'sql108.07x.net';

var $user = 'blabla';

var $db = 'blabla_test';


2) here is what I think:

var $dbtype = 'mysql';

var $host = 'localhost';

var $user = 'root';

var $db = 'vebsajt';

var $password = 'Olala';

user in my database in uniformserver is "root", so I suppose instead of "blabla" it should be "root". database name in my uniformserver is "vebsajt", that's name which I created when i imported database from my website into uniformserver.

I made root password for database in uniformserver the same as I had in website, for example Olala.


so is this all what should I do in order that my transfering of website function normal in my uniformserver? I did it yesterday and I didn't have success.

I think I did everything what is necessary:



and just one more question: how to set my uniformserver to be activated in Firefox instead to be activated in Internet Explorer? when I start uniformserver, it is activating in IE and I hate IE :)



yeah, here is what I get:


mark( 'afterLoad' ) : null; /** * CREATE THE APPLICATION * * NOTE : */ $mainframe =& JFactory::getApplication('site'); /** * INITIALISE THE APPLICATION * * NOTE : */ // set the language $mainframe->initialise(); JPluginHelper::importPlugin('system'); // trigger the onAfterInitialise events JDEBUG ? $_PROFILER->mark('afterInitialise') : null; $mainframe->triggerEvent('onAfterInitialise'); /** * ROUTE THE APPLICATION * * NOTE : */ $mainframe->route(); // authorization $Itemid = JRequest::getInt( 'Itemid'); $mainframe->authorize($Itemid); // trigger the onAfterRoute events JDEBUG ? $_PROFILER->mark('afterRoute') : null; $mainframe->triggerEvent('onAfterRoute'); /** * DISPATCH THE APPLICATION * * NOTE : */ $option = JRequest::getCmd('option'); $mainframe->dispatch($option); // trigger the onAfterDispatch events JDEBUG ? $_PROFILER->mark('afterDispatch') : null; $mainframe->triggerEvent('onAfterDispatch'); /** * RENDER THE APPLICATION * * NOTE : */ $mainframe->render(); // trigger the onAfterRender events JDEBUG ? $_PROFILER->mark('afterRender') : null; $mainframe->triggerEvent('onAfterRender'); /** * RETURN THE RESPONSE */ echo JResponse::toString($mainframe->getCfg('gzip'));
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I am assuming V5-Beta


var $log_path = 'F:\\UniServer\\www\\ambasada\\amb\\logs';

var $tmp_path = 'F:\\UniServer\\www\\ ambasada\\amb\\tmp';


Note: The above is not a portable solution. You can leave the lines as is and add a Constructor check out this page: http://wiki.uniformserver.com/index.php/In...ano#Portability



var $dbtype = 'mysql';

var $host = 'localhost';

var $user = 'root';

var $password = 'root';

var $db = 'vebsajt';


Change default browser:

Run Firefox:

1 On the menu bar, click Tools, from the drop-down menu click Options

2 Click Advanced (top right), click General tab

3 Click Check Now (bottom right)

4 Select Yes to set Firefox as your default browser. (IE will not now automatically open)





This indicates you opened file index.php directely! To view your site:


Start Uniform Server and type the following into Firefox http://localhost/ambasada/amb/index


All the best

Ric :)

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