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"The directory you set for upload work cannot be reached"


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Hi, I am newbie about home servers and I installed on my USB the newest version of UniformServer. path look like this for example: F:\UniServer\www

when I wanted to import database file in mysql, I used phpmyadmin, and I imported waht i wanted, but there was message, highlited, and I don't know how to change it to be correct:


The directory you set for upload work cannot be reached


as I said, I didn't have any problem, but I would like to make it correct. where should I look and what to change in order that I don't get this warning anymore? this warning I see in phpmyadmin, when I click Import tab.


I have some more question but it is for php section, I didn't succeed, after transfer of my website from internet to uniformserver, to make it to work. yeah, but I can ask here for mysql:


I downloaded mysql file from my website and imported in my Uniserver database. of course, in internet, I had database name "blabla" and in Uniserver I used phpmyadmin to create database with name "vebsajt". So, before I imported database file I opened file and found host and name of database and changed to be like this:

Host: localhost (in internet it was different. I had there to make concretely name of host)

Database: `vebsajt` (in internet it was "blabla")

so I suppose if I created in Uniformserver database "vebsajt" I should change in imported file mentioned lines. so I think I did correct? is there something more? password of database?

next step is to make path in php configuration file of Joomla in order to transfer my site from internet to UniformServer successfully.

but that question I will ask in php section of forum, because I didn't succeed.

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